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started by: Michael

Posted by Michael on Aug. 08 2010, 21:25
You will need ADB from Android SDK and USB drivers for X10 mini (part of Sony Ericsson PC Companion).
Enable USB debugging on the phone in Settings>Applications>Development and connect the phone to PC via USB.
Add the Power Control widget to your active widgets on the phone, so you can quickly turn off and on the wi-fi function.
From the command line (on windows it's cmd.exe):
cd c:\exploid_x10mini (or another folder where you've extracted the files from
adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk
adb push su /sdcard/su
adb push exploid /sqlite_stmt_journals/exploid
adb push busybox /sqlite_stmt_journals/busybox
adb shell
cd sqlite_stmt_journals
chmod 755 exploid
chmod 755 busybox
Immediately after the next command, you will need to disable and enable the wi-fi using the power widget on the phone:
then run:
enter password rootnow
prompt will change to # - now we have root
./busybox cp /sdcard/Superuser.apk /system/app/
./busybox cp /sdcard/su /system/bin/
./busybox cp busybox /system/bin/
chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
rm /system/bin/rootshell
exit - out of rootshell
exit - out of adb shell

When you run the abd shell again and issue su command, the Superuser.apk will run on the phone and will ask whether to allow the root permissions...
Posted by Michael on Aug. 19 2010, 23:33
// X10Mini slimmed apps list by Phenombox
// Descriptions marked with a '?' are un-confirmed but most likely true.
// Last update: 31.07.2010 14:08 (GMT+1)

System/Important Applications;
default-capabilities.apk - Contains information about which files and formats this phone supports ? (that's how it worked with UIQ3)
generic-app-installer.apk - App Installer ?
clientappinstaller.apk - App Installer ?
PackageInstaller.apk - App Installer ?
bootinfo.apk - Required for proper boot ?
Phone.apk - Ability to call ?
Contacts.apk - Phonebook/Contacts List ?
Dialer.apk - Needed for Phone.apk ?
Settings.apk - Settings ?
CustomizationProvider.apk - Needed for system ?
UseragentProvider.apk - Needed for boot ?
AccountProvider.apk - Needed for boot ?
ApplicationsProvider.apk - Needed for Apps ?
TelephonyProvider.apk - Needed for Phone.apk ?
CalendarProvider.apk - Needed for Calendar.apk ?
SettingsProvider.apk - Needed for Settings.apk ?
GoogleSettingsProvider.apk - Needed by Settigns ?
GoogleContactsProvider.apk - Needed by Contacts.apk
SEMCSettings.apk - The Sony Ericsson Settings Menu under 'Settings' ?
GoogleApps.apk - It IS a google-based device, most likely is some kind of lib for the Google Applications ?
DownloadProvider.apk - Needed for market to function
Music.apk - Needed for Video and Music playback
MediaProvider.apk - Needed for Music.apk ?
ServiceMenu.apk - *#*#4636#*#* menu?
HomeScreen.apk - Main Launcher ? can be replaced with ADW ?
Vending.apk - Market
MarketUpdater.apk - Related to Market, update checker
GoogleCheckin.apk - Related to Market, login
ImProvider.apk - Needed by Internet-based applications
MediaUploader.apk - Known to be used by Picasa
NetworkLocation.apk - Gives location based on connected antenna (non-GPS), but may also affect GPS-related apps ?

User-Loved Applications; - These should be removed without any problems (if wanted)
UserDictionaryProvider.apk - Custom Words added into the T9 dic ?
Superuser.apk - ROOT ACCESS
ReadyToRun.apk - Registration Promt in SMS
SEMCSetupWizard.apk - SonyEricsson Setup Wizard, first bootup of phone you see this

Unknown; - I have no idea what these .apk's do or if they are important
CrashSMS.apk - sms application crash event handler ?
AlarmClockVanillaApi.apk - Old AlarmClock Api ?
MusicVanillaApi.apk - Old Music Api ?
GooglePartnerSetup.apk - Related to Google Partner
OMAClientProvisioning.apk - Unknown
OmaDatasyncService.apk - Unknown
SuquashiTextInput.apk - Some kind of TextInput, might be the default keyboard ?
CdfInfoAccessor.apk - May be related to accessories ?
DrmProvider.apk - Needed to playback DRM content
CalendarVanillaApi.apk - Old Calendar Api ?
ReadSdcard.apk - SDCard support ?
CredentialManagerService.apk - Ability to save passwords (from browser and other apps where applicable) ?
Picker.apk - Related to dialog boxes where you are 'picking' stuff (background image, contact image etc) ?
HTMLViewer.apk - HTML Parser ? - Needed by Browser ?
PcCompanion.apk - Either the PcCompanion installer, or the service needed to give this phone support for PCCompanion ?
SoundPicker.apk - The menu where you have ability to preview files (when you select new ringtone etc) ?
GoogleSubscribedFeedsProvider.apk - Needed for Feeds ?
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppShared.apk - Needed for initial startup ?
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppPlatform.apk - Needed for initial startup ?
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppMedia.apk - Needed for initial startup ?
VerifyCertificatesDummyAppApplication.apk - Needed for initial startup ?
Posted by Michael on Sep. 11 2010, 12:43
To remove or copy apps, the path would be:

adb shell
#busybox rm -r /system/app/ --removes the app
#busybox cp /sdcard/ /system/app/ --copies the app from SDCard
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